At a Glance Agenda

  Friday, May 18
1:00-4:00 Pre-Session Presented by Becky McCray:
Shift Happens: The BOLD Question Behind Rural Problems We All Face
1:00-4:00 Pre-Session for Staff and Board of Philanthropic Organizations, Presented by Deborah Markley, Center for Rural Entrepreneurship, and Janet Topolsky, Aspen Institute:
Building Prosperity for Rural People and Places: Finding Your Foundation’s Niche
6:00-8:00 Bridges Between Rural & Urban Networking Reception
  Saturday, May 19
8:30-9:30 Welcome & Opener
9:30-10:00 Break
10:00-11:30 Embracing Tomorrow’s Workforce An Entrepreneurial Ecosystem  Creative Community Capital Roadmap for Building Community Networks A Watershed Moment Cascading Forward 
11:45–12:45 Networking Lunch
1:00-2:30 Bring on the Broadband Transforming Rural Economies with the WealthWorks Approach Participación de la Comunidad Opportunities to Invest in Rural  Stretching Into Resident Ownership
3:00–4:30 Navigating the Challenges of Rural Housing Rural Economic Diversification and Innovation Align to Thrive: Philanthropy & Rural Prosperity Rural Development Through Land Stewardship Bridging Rural and Urban? Efforts to Connect Across Real and Perceived Divides, Geographic and Otherwise
5:30–6:00 Raffle
6:00–7:30 Dinner & Celebration
  Sunday, May 20
7:30–9:15 Rural Priorities Networking Breakfast
9:30–11:00 The Future of Rural Farms, Ranches, & Businesses Catalytic Community Building: Assessment and Action! Leading Across Our Political Divides  Reservation Capitalism

Private WealthWorks National Peer to Peer Gathering

11:15–12:00 Keynote: Bold Changes One Tiny Step at a Time