Bridging Rural and Urban? Efforts to Connect Across Real and Perceived Divides, Geographic and Otherwise

This session will provide a snapshot of four current efforts to connect Oregonians across geographic and other divides. The main questions we will explore are: (1) Why try to get people talking across differences and divides? (2) How can we create conditions that make it possible to bridge across differences? (3) Who are the people that ought to be talking more with one another (and how to get them in rooms together)? (4) What are the biggest challenges and opportunities for this sort of work going forward? The intention with this session is to say just enough about each of these efforts to create grounds for robust conversation among participants.


Mariana Lindsay
Urban Rural Project Coordinator, American Leadership Forum

Adam Davis
Executive Director, Oregon Humanities

Robin Teater
Executive Director, Healthy Democracy


Track: Rural Leadership Networks

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