Creative Community Capital: Four Ways to Secure Funding and Build Your Economy

New finance tools, from Kickstarter to new federal laws, have opened up new opportunities for economic impact. Institutions like banks and CDFIs are creating new kinds of partnerships, local governments are using these tools to fund public projects, incubators are growing new kinds of funds, and leading nonprofits are finding ways to fund affordable housing. As citizens begin to participate more and more in the economic engines of our local economies, they bring value and expertise. Learn more about how to bring these financial innovations to life, increase citizen engagement, and better serve under-resourced cities, towns, and communities.


Chris Miller
Economic Development & DDA Coordinator, City of Adrian, Michigan

Louisa Schibli
Milk Money, Vermont

Janice Shade
Milk Money, Vermont

Amy Pearl
Founder/Former CEO, Hatch Innovation/Hatch Oregon

Lisa Dawson
Executive Director, Northeast Oregon Economic Development District (NEOEDD)

Judy Goodman
Founder, BGOOD Bars, Joseph, OregonĀ 

Brian Beckon
Attorney, Cutting Edge Counsel

Track: Resources for Rural Communities

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