Session Materials

Missed a session you really wanted to attend? In the coming weeks we will be posting available presentations and handouts from R2R 2018 sessions.

A Watershed Moment Cascading Forward: Economic and Ecologic Approaches to Water Management in the Northwest
Mid-Coast Water Planning Partnership
Water Planning, Harney County, Oregon

Align to Thrive: Philanthropy and Rural Prosperity

Bold Rural Leadership, One Tiny Step at a Time

Catalytic Community Building: Assessment and Action!
90-Day Action Plan Template
Core Competencies and Practices

Organizational Self-Assessment

An Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: What Is It? How Do You Build One?

The Future of Rural Farms, Ranches, & Businesses
Farm & Ranch Succession Trends
Oregon’s Estate Tax

Participación de la Comunidad (Community Participation)

Roadmap for Building Community Networks: Presented by a Network of Rural Community Builders
Network Learning Exchange Activities Toolkit

Rural Development Through Land Stewardship

Rural Economic Diversification and Innovation: The New Growth Sectors

Transforming Rural Economies with the WealthWorks Approach: Stories from the Field